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Explanations (How it all works).

Treat All Community Members With Respect

This post is less of a formal lore post, and more of an explanation as to how the lore explained in part 0 fits into what has happened so far on Relic. The Lore we have right now is not lost entirely, but more forgotten. It will not be mentioned in the lore to come, but is intended not to be forgotten. In part 0 we touched briefly on what the Relic is, or at least what the Relic was created for. Now I want to explain a little more technically what the relic does and how it fits into things. One of the biggest questions we've gotten while being around is "What can the Relic do?" and for the longest time that was a question we sort of beat around the bush when answering. Now we've finally figured out what we want the relic to do, and our answer to that is both "nothing" and "absolutely everything" at the same time.

The Relic; What is it?

The first point I'd like to make is that the relic has absolutely no power in the world around it. From what we know its a small object that could be held by a human -- but its exact size and shape eludes us. It was designed and constructed by the Titans as a device that could imprison Titans, who were omni-powerful beings who gained their power from the universe around them. The question arose, how do you imprison an all-powerful being? The answer lied in the fact that they gained their power from the universe around them. Key-word being around them. What the Relic actually was created to be was a device that generates and stores entire universes, or more accurately realms, within it. When it creates a realm it has absolute omniscience knowledge and power within it. It can dictate weather or not it gives power to an imprisoned being within it, thus cutting off a titan placed in a realm within it from any source of power -- rendering the imprisoned titan unable to leave. That was its concept and upon its creation it succeeded in its purpose wonderfully, successfully imprisoning each of the rebelling Titans for tens of thousands of years.

How does the Relic effect players?

How does this fit in with what the player is doing? Well, it actually has everything to do with our story line and progression. For those who remember, when your first log into the server you find yourself marooned on a small beach inside a jungle lined cove. Looking around, there is a wrecked ship in the cove, and a small path winding its way up into the jungle, an obvious sign of civilization. Realizing the only way to move is forward, you stumble your way into the landmass, attempting to remember just exactly how you got there. As you work your way towards the strange ruins atop the hilltop, you start to remember who you are and why you're here. Just as you do, everything... ... ... goes black? Our lore in Part 0 leads all the way up to your boat disappearing, and the intro to our server is what happens just after your ship goes missing. What actually happens here on this island involves whats going on inside the relic. The relic, becoming heavy with the weight of storing universes, has begun to distort the universe around it. As you approach the revered artifact, which IS hidden in the ruins of the island you wreck on, it actually sucks you in and seals you within one of its realms, a spare realm on standby to imprison a titan if its ever needed. Realizing its mistake, it attempts to send you back -- sending you through a series of strange portals, occasionally failing, to get you away from its warp. Failing three times, the relic decides to try to make the best of the situation and tailors the world full of story and land for you to use.

What's happened up until now?

The Relic also took advantage of your amnesia. It quickly made you feel at home, like you belonged in its world, and adapted you to its idea of history. It worked for a while, but you (and your other ship-mates who soon met the same fate as you) soon started to realize that many things were inconstant. The Races, The Khobs, The Aiden, and The Yeren all worshiped this "Relic," for no reason. Their histories barely ever intertwined, and other strange occurrences like the sudden appearance of a large temple said to have been around for generations. Realizing you were catching on to your fake work, the Relic scrapped its world and created an event that would force you to forget -- the cataclysm. The world being torn asunder, you forgot your inconsistencies for a while longer. You made it through it alive and began again. Then it happened again. You started to notice something wasn't quite right, and again the Relic tore apart the world from its seems. This time you knew something was up, both times you recognized the worlds flaws it was torn asunder, you knew something was wrong and recruited the mages of the capital to help find the answer. This time the Relic couldn't cover up its mistakes. This time it had to start again. The Relic allowed the mages to look into the cause of the cataclysms and their relation to their inconsistencies. As they studied, in a strange twist of fate, the Relic's synthetically created beings almost figured out exactly how the relic worked with its power. But secretly while they studies it forged a new world behind the scenes, one rich with in depth lore, consistencies and a rich interweaving of culture. It decided history was no longer an afterthought and stamped it out. This time, as the world begins to tear asunder and you look to the mages to help, the Relic intends to be more thorough. This time it does not intent to make the mistakes of the past. Everything is all new in the Relic's world, not an afterthought.

The Relic's Base Lore

The Age of Myth (Age of Creation)

The Forging: Long ago, during a time long before humans could write; even before events were passed down by bards, teachers and storytellers -- the Titans came to earth. What little legends we have left of this time say that three "creators" came to earth in the trail of a blazing comet. Supposedly each one was strong enough to create planets, and created the moon as proof to the ground dwellers of their power. They were refugees of a powerful race from far away in the black expanse. The small race of creators, who came to be known to the humans as these titans, were in a long age of civil war.

Leaders of their wise and powerful race had supposedly risen up against their own law in an attempt to rule their realm. The three that came to our earth was believed to loyally follow their ancient law. They searched far and wide for a way to punish those who betrayed their ancient creed. Using their godly power, the titans forged a powerful magical prison, one created by a god that was strong enough to hold a god. This magical prison took the form of a small device, and the device was hidden here on the planet of humans. Soon after the device’s creation, legend states one of the titans took back to the sky. Two remained behind to guard their prison, creating various mega structures all around the world we see today.

The Titanius Tablets:Our legends of this time and the time of the forging come from the recent discovery of the Titanius Tablets. These tablets were supposedly created by the great titans who stayed behind to guard their great device. Untranslatable sections of the tablet, along with finely detailed drawings, are believed to deplicit how exactly the device was constructed and how it works to imprison. What we were able to translate was information about the device itself, which came to be known as “the Relic,” as well as information detailing the war of the titans. Apparently, a titan’s power comes from the realm in which they live, and the relic imprisons by sealing them in a realm in which they can not gain power. We know this from what little was translated, but apparently the Relic works as a device that can generate its own realms within itself, and sealing a titan within it removes their ability to connect to their power. Several tablets are believed to still be missing, but the youngest tablet we have tells us that the Relic was successful, and the war of the Titans had ended, bringing about a new golden age.

“The Departure of the Titans:” Historians believe this golden age lasted for hundreds of years. The titans that remained on earth expanded, building a small ocean hub called Syur. There, on Syur, the titans placed their tablets, and returned to the sky… never returning to earth. From what we know, The Relic successfully maintained the imprisonment of the immortal titans throughout the ages to this day. The last section of the youngest tablet is cryptic. Linguistic specialists have only been able to translate the words: Unauthorized, void, black, end, and creation, as well as the famous words: “We fear the Relic is attempting to imprison something vast.”

The Common Era (Modern Times)

Backstory: Three long Eras of civilization have since dawned on the world of man. The first age began not long after the titans returned to the sky. In the shadows of the titan’s empire on earth, the humans soon took after. Changing from a gathering people to civilized structured and governed individuals. As more civilizations rose in the shadows of the titans, humans were able to create the arts of sciences, math, physics and more. Through the lost titans, we were able to thrive.

The civilizations who deciphered these technologies rose to control the world during the first era, which lasted around 700 years. During this time, several smaller civilizations consolidated into much larger and more powerful empires. The first era ended once the last small civilization, The Kynereths, became part of the great nations. This started the second era, which lasted around 2300 years. During the second era, the great nations continued to decipher the tools of the titans. They discovered astronomy, advanced mathematics, and first began deciphering the titanius tablets into the modern understanding. The dawn of the third Era occurred once the great nation Harveyan, began to collapse. The fall of Harveyan sparked a massive war, the remaining nations believing they could gain control of the others and rule the entirety of the titan realm on earth. The short third era, which lasted 80 years, contributed to the death of over 60% of the human race. The third era ended when, on the war torn isle of Syur, the humans uncovered one of the most influential discoveries ever uncovered.

The Fourth Era: The Fourth Era began when the warring states discovered a large island just under the central tower of the island of Syur. Inside this chamber was a large stone map that showed the location of many titan creations, those known and those unknown. Included on the map was the titan word for “Prison.” Images of discovering the long lost relic filled the heads of the remaining empires, and soon the race for the Relic began.

The Great Holy Emperor, Berrigan, officially called the start of the fourth era to begin. He commissioned the “Elynway Expedition,” or the first exploration for the isle of Elynway -- the legendary resting place of the titan device. For the first time in history, a navy of unrivaled proportions was created.

You were drafted by your great Emperor’s expedition in search for the holy relic. You were woken from your home, your family, and trained in the life of a hardened seaman. During your training, you learned of the titans and their devices as shown on the tablet. You were told that finding this relic would advance the civilization by thousands of years, and you and your family would become some of the richest people in existence.

Boarding the ship “Midori,” you leave in search of the island on the twenty-second day of the fourth month, year 6.4A, six years after the start of the fourth age. Just one of 112 ships leaving in search of the island, your ship was chosen to go far to the east of the island’s supposed location on the titan map.

Out of the 112 ships that left, 111 returned from the expedition. Your ship never returned home from that voyage. Your ship was never found....

The Path of War

The Khobs

The Khobs, Raiders of Kyorinthall, have an extremely loose society. Their history is mostly held together by verbal legends and stories, crude paintings and large barrows. There are very few written accounts of history, and those that do exist can only be read by a select few Khobs in their entire race. Most of Khobian history comes from the archives of the Yeren peoples, tied together with their verbal tongue.

The Khobs are named after their first warchief, a man named Khobu the Teroyarr (Which loosely translates into modern tongue as the “Unifier.”) They hail from island chain of Kyorinthall in the seas southwest of Loth’Agar. Their societies started out humble and divided. But not long after the invention of sailing, which connected the several island tribes that made up the beginning of the Khobian race, the tribes turned to the path of war. These tribes spent years fighting for supremacy, and their society changed to be lead by the strongest in the village until a newcomer would rise. They quickly advanced their art of war, and each and every member of each and every tribe became proficient users of several weapon forms.

Chief Khobu hailed from one of the smaller islands in the chain. His unmatched, legendary even, talent and strength helped him and his tribe raise and conquer through the islands of Kyorinthall to eventually unite all the people under a single banner. The same banner is still used as the symbol for Khobian conquer today. Khobian legends state that Khobu stayed in power for many years of his life . His death apparently came from a tribe of outsiders, lead by a man by the name of Morren. This sparked a war between the Khobs and the dominating race of the nearest continent, the Yeren. It is widely believed that “Morren” their legends refer to is Morn the Terrible of the Yeren’s records.

This fueled the early fires of their warrior race. Being dwarfed in military technology by the Yeren civilization, the Khobs resorted to guerilla tactics. Raiding outskirt villages, attacking small traveling groups. As time went on their war turned more towards hatred, and the Khob’s hatred of the Yeren was taken down generation to generation. As time moved on their guerilla tactics turned to upright slaughter, and their people would advance into Yeren lands with extreme haste.

Throughout these generations the Khobs’s “military” had a turn as well. Its loose honor code fell into more of a trail of brute strength. As each Khob was raised into the path of war, no central standardization of fighting was established. Each and every Khob tailored their own fight style and began to believe theirs better than their peers. They slowly reverted back into a form of government where the strongest leader controlled the masses.

Through this system, the unified Khobs have broken into several different sects of people. The original island dwelling Khobs are almost entirely gone, with only an extremely small sect still living in the Kyorinthall islands. The most dominant clan in their legends rose from a sect of Khobs invading Loth’Agar. As they continued their pillaging across the plains in the southwest, the Pljaran Khobs (or plain dwellers) became a warrior breeding ground. Out of the Pljaran came many great heros and warriors, notably the brothers Oa and Kor.

Oa and Kor became legends in the Khobs when the two of them successfully raided and captured the keep of Kjorn, now the Plyaran capital in the southwestern plains of Loth’Agar. Legend has it, that the Khobian surprise siege on the city Arolith was failing. In the streets, Khobs were losing out to the highly militarized Yeren city’s guards. In an attempt to save the siege, the two brothers cut their way into the main keep. There they slayed the Yeren Clanleader, and raised their standard high above the city along with a triumphant cry from the keep’s roof. The newly rallied Khobs fought through the city and took it with minimal effort. The large citadel keep now stands as the capital to the Plyaran Khobs, Oakorn. Oakorn is the only physical city in Khob territory. Each and every other “city” is considered more of a camp. They are large congregations of hunter-gatherers and warriors seeking to encroach more and more on Yeren lands.

Even now, the drums of war between the Yeren and Khobs still fill the air. The current warchief, Cheif Kathul, spends his days training the younger members of his clan the art of the warrior. All the hundreds of various of clans that make up the Khobs still travel along the “path of war.”

Suggested Khob Character Creation Guide!

The Khobs are ass-holes. If you want to be a dick, be a Khob. When creating a Khob character it is important to note what tribe you are a part of. Feel free to create a tribe if you want, just please don’t go crazy. Its also important to note how well people in your tribe like you. Also, remember that Khobs hate everyone, but respectfully fear the Aiden. They really hate the Yeren. Fight them. Hit your two Pk’s a day every day on the Yeren. FUCKING FINISH THEM!

Also, outcasts in this race don’t really exist. You either conform to their thought process or die. JOIN OR FUCKING DIE! The Khobs always fight together and fight to the death, they give no mercy and raid lands with carelessness and precision.

Also, they find an extreme hatred towards Nicjoy. He’s a very religious Yeren and the Khobs not only hate Yeren, but religion as well. So you can PK him more than twice a day. We don’t give a shit. But only if you choose to be Khob.

Great Library Rush

The Aiden

The first records of the Aiden state the world began from a single object. Bathed in light, the object called forth the world from the endless void using a far advanced and powerful magic long lost. The world became surrounded in the channels and ley-lines of the void’s magic, and the Aiden still tap into these magic lines as the source of power for their entire civilization.

The Aiden started out almost as a school of sorts. The ancient unclassified races joined together in the aggressive pursuit of knowledge. Their first grandmaster, Grandmaster Sicilia, founded the largest library and knowledge collective in the entire world. This library, formally dubbed as the Grand Archives of Callum is Knowledge, still serves as the centerpiece of their grand capital in the far off continent of Aida.

The Aiden have centered their entire pursuit around their unique ability to manipulate and understand the very magic they study. They have an unmatched ability to control the magical elements and have a unique connection to the void. Their entire society became ranked by one’s understanding of knowledge and ability to control the forces of magic. The stronger one was in these arts, the higher their rank became in their society. Starting from Novice, the Aiden advance through Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Adept, Teacher, Principal, Director, Master, High Master, and Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Vauge, the 8th official grandmaster of the Aiden Order, discovered one of the most prominent magics that is still used everyday in the world today. Vauge made a unique discovery connecting the world as we know it to the Void of Legend. This discovery paved the way to the unique creation of the enderchest, as well as the void pack. The link also allowed for the cultivation of the world’s first portal, which was created by Vauge’s successor -- Grandmaster Red.

The Aiden’s unique landscape also gave way to their understanding of the world. Aida is rich with magical ley-lines that power the wells that fuel their city. Its also covered largely in Jungles that are filled to the brim with magically fueled plants and animals. The Order of the Grandmasters that formed with Sicilia’s founding has long protected these lands that provide such valuable discoveries to the world.

As time progressed the Aiden further linked the worlds of the Void, earth, and later the nether. Their unique understanding of the ability to travel between the different realms connected to our world gives them a powerful standpoint in the world.

The Aiden is the only race in the world that will accept members of other races into their ranks as long as they adopt the rules of their race. They are a docile people, never being a part of any war, but actively participating in open competition. Part of the reason behind this though, is the fact that the Aiden’s understanding of Magic gives them such a blatant power that a single Grandmaster within the Aiden could wipe out an entire army of seasoned Yeren or Khobs. They are widely feared and respected due to their overwhelming power.

The Aiden’s control over the world’s various portals and void storage throughout history has made the Coffers of Jura the wealthiest bank in the world. The Aiden are showered in gold, but have no interest in the money other than to advance their pursuit of knowledge.

The most recent discovery of the Aiden is the most troubling however. The Aiden, who traveled across various realms and founded mages guilds across multiple realms, have began to study the massive cataclysms pleaging (plaguing? possible mistranslation.) the other realms. They are far closer to understanding the power behind an object they have come to call the Relic than any other, and they are coming to the discovery that it may be the source to all magic in the world.

Suggested Aiden Character Creation Guide!

The Aiden are about knowledge and magical ability. When creating an Aiden RP character it is important to state their placement in their societal ranking, and to not overrank a character. The more powerful characters of the Aiden are reserved for lore purposes, and remember it is always more fun to create a character with room to improve!

It is extremely important to understand that the Aiden are very docile creatures. It is against their standing to actively encourage hate-crimes, war or any form of discrimination. Their entire purpose is the understanding of knowledge, and any Aiden who’s lore isn’t based around this understanding would be considered an outcast.

If you decide to go the route of an outcast, it is important to remember that though they are not hostile towards their outcasts, they don’t consort with them either.

Industry Calling

The Yeren

The Yeren, Heralds of the Old Gods, pride themselves on the archives of their history. Their royal library contain genealogy from all the way back to their first king, High King Hroth. Hroth the First was said to have been bestowed the throne of gold by Yerenthal, the God of Creation himself on a day forever coined the “First Day of the Mountain.” His ascension to the throne marked the unification of the 4 master clans and the Birth of the term Yeren.

King Hroth, with his newly united people and his mandate from Yerenthal, claimed the mass of lands around the mountain where he was coronated. From his blessed throne on Mount Urra, Hroth ordered his architects to found Hrothenar, his seat of power and later the capital of the Yeren’s central lands, and dubbed the land Loth’Agar or in modern tong the “Holy Lands.” It took over 800 years to construct what is now known as the “Old City,” the central area of Hrothenar at the base of the mountain. Its construction lasted long past Hroth’s life. Before his death Hroth founded the “Order of the Masterclans,” an order that would to this day govern the smaller clans under the king, and select a new king upon the death of a king. Hroth was buried in a small graveyard that now sits under the middle of the old city. A large temple was constructed upon his tombstone, now the Cathedral of Yerenthal. The area around the temple was dubbed the “Seat of the Gods” and has since served as the most holy place to the Yeren people, now housing churches related to all of the Yeren deities. The Seat of the Gods also serves as where the masterclans meet to crown a new king upon the death of the current, as well as where a new grand priest is chosen. The grand priest, originally elected for a life term, is now elected every 12 years (an act erected after “The Law of the Second King” was passed). The Seat of the Gods is also the sight of the largest religious festival of the year, Arūn.

As Hrothenar grew, the Yeren people expanded the empire with master planning and precision. The entire kingdom was designed not with practicality in mind, but grandeur and absolute magnificence. As their empire expanded, more and more small clans melted into the Yeren coalition. The Yeren forcefully spread their religion and beliefs across the entirety of their continent, and it took less than 2,000 years for the Yeren and their religion to becoming the dominating faction in what is now the continent of Loth’Agar. Loth’Agar is currently the largest country in the world and is still ruled by elected monarchy to this day, currently under King Ymir.

According to their records, once reaching its current size the Yeren coalition maintained peace in Loth’Agar for quite some time. Though, approximately 7,000 years ago the first of three major conflicts plagued the lands of the Yeren. Still judging by records, around this time a man named Morn Opalstone (from a small but powerful clan, clan Opalstone) was elected by the masterclans to lead the religious sects of the Yeren as the High Priest of Yerenthal. Morn rose to power and quickly started his tenure as high priest by lightly discriminating against a clan that had been on bad terms with the Opalstones for generations, the Gurra. The Gurra were denied entry into the seat of the gods, and not long after the brother of Gurra living in the capital were forced from their homes by the fanatical followers of Morn. The Gurra quickly realized that Morn’s sharp tongue was leading people astray and asked for the aid of the Ignitum, one of the 4 Masterclans.

Initially, the Ignitum refused to help directly, but allowed the clans under their jurisdiction to provide aid to the Gurren as they see fit. As Morn’s influence spread across the central lands, the clans under the Ignitum quickly realized he was becoming a threat to the throne and joined the cause of the Gurren. Meanwhile, many clans swore fealty and assimilated into the Opalstone and their direct masterclan, the Alderon. Despite his discrimination and hostile acts, the Alderon chose to stand by their High Priest and subclan, the Opalstone.

After gaining a fair amount of support, the Gurren coalition peacefully and lawfully marched on the capital petitioning for the High Priest’s resignation. The high priest, apparently furious of the Gurren’s attempt to remove him from office, used his standing to brand the Gurren traitors to the gods or heretics. Fanatical followers of Morn soon resorted to violence against the protestors, and eventually even the Yerenthal Guard raised their weapons against the Gurren. Morn was able to use his influence on the current king of the day, King Jura, and misfed him information about the start of violence. The Gurren, believing in solving the current issue with peace -- were slaughtered. The slaughter in the capital soon reached the ears of the Ignitum. Enraged by the massacre, the Ignitum soon retaliated and along with the Gurren Coalition gathered an army and declared war on the Opalstone coalition. The bloody war lasted 2 long years, the fanatical followers of Morn stopping the Gurren coalition at every turn. But as the war grew longer, the remaining masterclans grew weary of the power struggle between the Ignitum and Alderon.King Jura, felt that the issue between the clans should be settled themselves, refusing the other masterclans from entering the feud entirely.

But the entire tide of the war shifted when Morn grew impatient of his inability to cull the Gurren. In order to spark a new fire in the forges of the masterclans, Morn used his standing to order the assassination of King Jura. His death was blamed on the Gurren Coalition. The remaining masterclans became infuriated at the death of their beloved king, but being wise they instead investigated the sloppy murder. The Masterclans discovered rather quickly who was really behind the murder of the king, and the disgusted leader of the Alderon quickly revoked their support of Morn, and the Alderon and remaining masterclans declared war on Morn, ending his coupe in just a measly three days. The end of the “Red War” as it was called marked a change in the governing society of the Yeren. The council soon appointed a new king, who created the “Law of the Second King” which stated that any masterclan member can revoke their support of a High priest at any time, thus removing him from his post, as well as only electing a High Priest for 12 years at a time as opposed to life. Something else arose from the end of the Red War as well. The Gurren clan, which had assimilated many other clans during the war, was allowed to enter the masterclans. Thus increasing the number of masterclans from four, to 5. The Gurren remain in the masterclans to this day, along with the Ignitum, Alderon, Pyrinum, and Forgefather clans.

The Yeren remained without conflict for what is believed to be around 2000 years (Now around 5000 years ago). Around this time, the forefathers of the Khob, the Olknolids, began pushing on the southwest borders of Loth’Agar along the plains of Eirilin. The Olknolids pushed hard into Yeren territory slaughtering thousands without warning, and the masterclan in charge of the area, the Forgefathers, failed in holding the Olknolid onslaught along the border. As the Olknolids ravaged through the lands the Yeren of the southwest took to their religion as hopes of saving their people.

This brought forth a new practice within the lands of the Forgefathers. Here in the southwest of the Yeren lands, the Forgefathers created a new breed of soldiers to fight off the Olknolid aggressors. Raised in the use of the blessed arts, these new “Paladins” were trained from a young age in the art of healing and defence. Their rigorous combatant upbringing under the elite units of the forgefathers, accompanied by their training in the blessed arts of the priests gave the Yeren a tool to counter the aggressive Olknolids.The Paladins were successful in driving out the enemy from their borders. Together with the combined help of the other Masterclans the Yeren invaded the Olknolids’ foothold just outside their lands and drove them back across the sea.

After this, the Paladins of the Yeren Forgefathers became an elite sect of the Yeren culture. It is still considered a great honor to this day to be selected to be a Paladin. The Paladins have been successful in holding off the different attacks on Yeren lands by the Olknolids and their various sects for most of the 5,000 years to present day. They have successfully prevented many conflicts within Yeren society and have given the Forgefathers the title of “Strongest Clan” for all that time.

The final conflict of the Yeren began around 12 years prior to present day when Ignitum clan leader, Rust Ignitum, announced a new creation within the Yeren lands. This “steam engine,” as it was named, caused a massive surge of possibility within Loth’Agar. The possibilities of the Ignitum invention was quickly realized by the Pyrinum, and together the clans began a rapid industrialization of their lands.

This massive movement towards industrialization has already shown to be putting a massive stress on the Yeren infrusture. What was once seen as a slow working race of master architects was quickly becoming overrun by massive machines that could cut the time of work down at the expense of quality. The Forgefathers and Alderon wish to hold to their previous traditions. They fear this industrialization will cause the fall of their religion and their long held tradition. The Gurren appear to be fairly split towards both sides, seeing the bonuses of both industrialization and Religion. The population of the Yeren seems to be split as equally as the masterclans on the matter with no particular side gaining any ground over the other. A debate like this would normally be settled by the King, but his declining health around the start of the arguments caused a stay in his decision on the matter.

However, what has previously been debated over in the courts of the masterclans has recently moved into the streets. Both sides of the argument feel particularly strong towards their opinions, and fears of bloodshed seem to be right around the corner.

And now, with the death of their last king, King Crus, both sides of the Yeren fight for a King that will represent their side and bring an end to the conflict. As the battle of industrialization vs Religion heats up, and as the throne sits empty -- civil war is around the corner in the Yeren lands! Will the Yeren side with industrialization, or will they stick with their past and side with their religion? Only time will tell!

Suggested Yeren Character Creation Guide!

The Yeren are all about their clans! When creating a Yeren RP character, it is important to pick a clan. Remember that a major argument is happening with the Yeren right now. When picking a clan it is important to pick what side of the argument you are on, or if you happen to be one of the very few who believe differently from their clans!

Though you do not have to be a part of the masterclans (The Gurren, Ignitum, Pyinum, Forgefathers or Alderon) remember that all clans are represented by a masterclan! So if you make up a cool clan name -- remember to list what masterclan it is under!

It is also important to remember that the Yeren are still a very religious people. Even the people who believe in industrialization still hold to a god! The Yeren worship 7 gods. Yerenthal, the god of creation is currently the only named god, (as of July 2016 -- Names of the other gods will be suggested by players and approved by staff) but there are still 6 other gods your character could be more attuned to. The God of Wealth, Health, Nature, Society, Protection and Destruction make for some very interesting choices.

Also the yeren are very supportive of their clanmates, so remember when interacting with other characters under the same masterclan to be polite and supportive! As a general idea, the Yeren are docile people, only having conflicts when extremely necessary.

If you chose to create an outcast character without a clan, remember these characters are not regarded highly in Yeren culture at all, despite their previous status. It is very hard to live clanless as a Yeren.

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