Community / Server Rules

Follow these rules while participating in our community and playing on our servers.

General Rules

These rules apply to all parts of our community and servers.

Treat All Community Members With Respect

No Inappropriate Content

Do Not Advertise Other Communities/Servers

Cooperate With Our Staff

Use A Consistent Name

Use Common Sense

Minecraft Rules

These rules apply while playing on our Minecraft server. General rules still apply!

Do Not Grief

Respect Land Claims

Do Not Cheat

Fight Fair In PVP

Other Minecraft Rules

A general rule of thumb for animal storing is

The Divide

Our Minecraft server has a special world called 'The Divide' this world adds more not only in terms of game play but also in competition and group work.

Forum Rules

These rules apply specifically to our forum. General rules still apply!

Stay On Topic

Discord Rules

These rules apply specifically to our Discord server. General rules still apply!

Please enable Push-To-Talk (PTT)

Keep Discussion Relevant to the topic rooms

18+ Content

Other Terms

These terms apply to all parts of our community and servers.

Do Not Attempt To Circumvent Rules

Your Account Is Your Responsibility

Reporting Abuse

By Joining Our Server/Community, You Agree To These Rules/Terms

By Joining Our Server/Community, You Agree To These Rules/Terms

Please be aware that rules may be added at any time. If something is not explicitly mentioned, it may still fall under a general topic. We are not here to write out a law book for players/users to play rule lawyers with. You will listen and follow the instructions given by staff members. If they tell you something is not allowed, then it is not. If you feel they are abusing powers, or are misinterpreting something, you are free to PM a Head of Department ( Please check here to find who is the current heads of our deparments.) on these forums with your concerns and the matter will be reviewed. However, you should still listen to the staff member instructing you- leave it to the review to decide whether they were right or wrong. Not following the rules can result in a permanent ban.

Anything made on the server (or any official server like the Build Server, Test/Dev Server, or Snapshot Server) becomes eternally usable by Relic-MC. The staff of Relic-MC retain all rights to reuse or duplicate creations as they see fit. Anything made for Relic-MC may forever be used or altered for continue use for the server/community by the staff. Nothing Relic-MC retains will ever be used for profit. Please note donations are NOT profit, all money goes back into paying for the server or some feature of the server/community (website, Server, Domai etc).

As with any Gaming server(s), we log all in-game chat actions including (but not limited to) any inputted commands, private messages, LWC passwords, alternate accounts and all player IPs. and the Forums collect standard HTTP logs (which contain your IP, the file you requested, your user agent, and HTTP status/error information), as well as additional logs on the forums (containing your IP, email, username, posts, PMs and more). We do not sell any of the personal information we collect, and it is only collected for internal usage. Any of the information we collect will not be publicized except the information determined necessary as evidence in settling a dispute between players and/or staff. Relic-MC staff reserves the right to use any information to report illegal actions to the proper "IRL" authorities.